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Explore the world around you with your friends easily with the ability to see and chat about what the group wants to do. Want to check out a new hot spot in town? Look below to find the hippest places in your Huddle's area.

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Huddle allows you to chat with people in your local area! Find new friends, meet up with current acquaintances, or hang with groups of new and old! Huddle can help you chat no matter the situation! If there are people around you using the app, you can talk to them via our open chat!

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Finding and meeting up with your friends has never been so easy. Use our Huddle software to locate your friends, arrange a meeting, and meetup with your Huddle members in no time at all.


Share your experiences like never before. The ability to post about your Huddle and tell others what you are doing and where you are going has never been so easy!

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Your Huddle will be your new favorite group of people after experiencing what it's like to easily find one another. Mid meetup points have never been so easy to find with our amazing software.

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